Donations are accepted online through our project partner Souris River Watershed District via our Canada Helps link here.


Symbolically Adopt a Burrowing Owl Family

Did you know that Burrowing Owls can have up to a dozen eggs in one nest? Did you know that more food available will help more young get off to a good start and increases their survival? You can play a major role in helping reintroduced Burrowing Owl pairs and their families by adopting a Burrowing Owl family. The funds from the adoption will feed a family of Burrowing Owls for one month giving the young the best chance to fledge (become independent from their parents) and increase their body condition before migration in the fall.

A Symbolic Adoption of a Burrowing Owl family is $200.00. Please make your donation through our Canada Helps link. You will receive an official Certificate of Adoption. This will be sent directly to the donor at their address provided to Canada Helps. If you would like to donate on behalf of someone else, in honour or in memory, please include this information in comments in your donation on our Canada Helps page. Canada Helps will provide a tax receipt for your donation.


Report Burrowing Owl sightings

If you think you have spotted a Burrowing Owl, please contact us directly or your local conservation district office.

  • Manitoba Burrowing Owl Recovery Program  (204) 807-HOOT (4668)
  • Email:
  • Turtle Mountain Conservation District  (204) 747-2530
  • West Souris Conservation District  (204) 877-3020
  • Assiniboine Hills Conservation District  1-877-535-2139


How can you get involved?

We are always looking for help annually to help dig burrows to install artificial nest burrows (spring and fall), put up our release pens (spring) and help with surveys to locate wild owls in southwest Manitoba. If you are interested in being a volunteer please contact MBORP for more information!


Want to meet a live Burrowing Owl?

Book a presentation at your school, daycare, library, community event, or home with Koko, our education ambassador Burrowing Owl. We have a variety of presentations that are great for all ages:


  1. Whooo are you?
    Early years and library groups - includes story time, presentation with Koko and question/answer period.

  2. A Burrowing What?
    Grades 3-6, includes Powerpoint presentation, props, presentation with Koko and a question/answer period.

  3. Giving a Hoot!
    Grades 7-9, Grades 10-12 and/or community presentations. Presentation will cover topics related to Ecosystems (Grasslands in particular), Species at Risk in Manitoba, Recovery of the Burrowing Owl in Manitoba (past and present), Who is MBORP and what do we do? A presentation with Koko and a question/answer period. These presentations can be catered to focus on specific topics educators are teaching in class (topics will need to be provided in your presentation request form)


MBORP education presentations require that all school group presentations (Grades 3-12) have a component of in class discussion about species at risk (SAR), ecosystems in Manitoba, importance of protecting wildlife and their habitats, Burrowing Owls, and/or focus on other Manitoba owls prior presentation.


All presentations will run approximately 60 minutes in duration for a donation to the program of $150.


To book a presentation please provide your information here for our Presentation Request Form.


Want to learn more about Burrowing Owls?

Head to either Assiniboine Park Zoo and Fort Whyte Alive to see live captive Burrowing Owls, up close and personal, in their interactive educational exhibits. Please follow the links below for more information.


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